Last year, I made a blanket covered in four-leaf clovers for my sister. Earlier this year, I decided to continue along this line and make a shawl with even more lucky clovers for her birthday.

Close-up of light clovers on a dark background Close-up of the shawl folded on itself Close-up of dark clovers on a light background
Yet another field of handwoven clovers

Creating luck

This shawl is part of my growing collection of projects made with turned taquete. I took inspiration from the shawls I made for my other sister and my mother which use an advancing point twill sequence as a basis. To create the clovers, I adapted the advancing point twill sequence so that every pattern repeat would have two points instead of one. In this way, four-leaf clovers appear out of four partially intersecting diamonds. I added an echo in the warp and a tabby in the weft, and my turned taquete pattern was complete.

The shawl folded on itself
Clovers in turned taquete

In the shawl I used just two colors: a light and a dark shade of grey. Not surprisingly, I opted to use blow yarn. Both colors are slightly variegated, giving a rich blend of colors. I had enough yarn to make the shawl nice and wide.

Finding fortune

The shawl is covered in four-leaf clovers with no three-leaf specimens to be found. In real life, a field of clovers contains far less lucky ones and finding a four-leaf clover requires quite some luck. This does not only hold for finding four-leaf clovers. I feel quite lucky I found out how wonderful blow yarn is for weaving. After my first reluctant experiment with blow yarn, it has become one of my favorite yarns to work with. I also feel lucky I stumbled upon a nice way to apply an advancing point twill sequence as a basis for twill and turned taquete patterns.

I was lucky enough to discover the joy of weaving in the first place. All these lucky finds were combined to make this shawl. I doubt whether a shawl covered in four-leaf clovers provides any particular luck, but I do know I was lucky to have all the ingredients necessary to make it!

The shawl from above
A lucky shawl