When I showed my five-year-old niece the shawls of the Stardust Collection, she said she liked them but they were far too big for her. So, I knew what I had to do: make a shawl for my niece of just the right size. Not too small, not too big but — like in the Goldilocks fairytale — just right. Her mother and her two-year-old brother could use a new shawl as well, so I set ot to make three shawls in three different sizes.

The shawls not only differ in size, but also in color combinations and weave pattern. The result is a set of three shawls, each just right for its recipient. The unifying element is that all shawls are made with the same type of yarn: my beloved blow yarn blend of alpaca, wool and cotton.

Small Goldilocks shawl folded on itself Medium Goldilocks shawl folded on itself Large Goldilocks shawl folded on itself
The three shawls of the Goldilocks Project

The small shawl: shadow weave circles

For my two-year-old nephew, I made a shawl of half the width and half the length of an adult shawl. I wanted to make a fun and joyful pattern that was not too busy and decided on a shadow weave pattern with circles. The two shades of blue — denim and marine — work really well together. This little shawl was finished in a heartbeat and was such a joy to make. A joyful little shawl for a joyful little boy.

Small Goldilocks shawl showing the front Small Goldilocks shawl at a glance Small Goldilocks shawl showing the back
Both sides of the small shawl

The medium shawl: a rainbow of flowers

My niece went for a rainbow shawl with a pattern resembling flowers. In the warp, I subsequently used pink, red, yellow, green, blue and purple. I love having a rainbow warp on my loom, the colors just look so bright and pleasing. I made a pattern of flowers in the advancing twill technique and wove the shawl with a black weft to really make the rainbow colors pop. The result is a joyful burst of color matching my happy-spirited niece perfectly.

Medium Goldilocks shawl at a glance Medium Goldilocks shawl close-up Medium Goldilocks shawl folded neatly
Medium shawl from near and afar

The large shawl: a new way of looking at echo effects

My sister quickly decided on a color choice: a beautiful combination of plum and soft pink. Finding the right pattern was a bit more challenging. I normally make quite distinct motifs, but my sister looked for a shawl with a more gradually changing pattern. I always like a challenge. It is one of the fun parts of weaving something for someone else: I get new inspiration when I try to figure out how to incorporate the preferences of the recipient.

After playing around in my weaving software, I stumbled upon a new way of applying echo to advancing twill. Normally, I use advancing twill to create distinct repeating motifs. However, for this shawl, I went for a simple advancing point twill sequence for both the threading and treadling. I also normally use different colors in warp and weft, but I used the plum yarn for both warp and weft of this shawl. The soft pink yarn was added as a weft echo effect.

Large Goldilocks shawl close-up Large Goldilocks shawl at a glance Large Goldilocks shawl close-up
Large shawl up close and far away

The result is a beautiful gradual transition of the colors, in which the plum color dominates. This effect is so different from the other patterns I made in advancing twill with echo. So, in search for a pattern befitting my sister, I learned something new that I will definitely use again in the future.

Three shawls that are just right

All three shawls look completely different. However, just as the recipients, they share a strong connection. The day after I gifted my sister, niece and nephew these shawls, I received a picture of three smiling faces wrapped in colourful shawls facing the winter cold on their way to school. That’s precisely why I love creating something uniquely fitting my loved ones.

Small Goldilocks shawl along its length Medium Goldilocks shawl along its length Large Goldilocks shawl along its length
The three Goldilocks shawls